We decided to make this program on Marc 05th. The bus was fortunately full with students and departed with us at 9 am.  The way  to Eger passed without  complications, we drank a little palinka, to show the foreign students one of our Hungaricums, and we listened some popular music.

We arrived at 9:10 to the Basilica of Eger and we went in. After 15 minutes of looking around and taking pictures we made a group picture.



The next stop was at the Marzipan museum. It was like 15 minutes admiration of these beautiful artwork. After the museum, the students got 1 hour freetime to eat or drink something, or check out the Minaret.

When the lunch break was over, we gathered them and walk to the Fortress of Eger.

A tour guide waited for us, and when everyone arrived around 14:00 the trip started.

The guide told us about fun facts and of course about the history of the Fortress, then showed us almost the whole place. we watched a 3D movie about the history of Eger fortress. Sadly the catacomb part was still closed because of restoration.

The tour ended around 15:00, we let the students a little time to take photos, and then we called the drivers and went to the bus.

The next program was the Sike wine cellar. There we ate some Hungarian goulash, some pastry and of course there was a wine tasting. We could taste  six tipe of red wine, what is the „trademark” of Eger. Everyone enjoyed the food and the wine too.  After we finished all the goods there, we went to the bus and headed  to Demjén, the last part of the Eger trip of ESN Miskolc.

Demjén is a beautiful bath. All of us enjoyed it, but if its not enough there was an opportunity to go, the wellnes part. The place have sauna, hot water pools etc. At 22:00 we checked everyone and they seemed to be really tired, so we went to the buses.

On the way home, we sang, spoke and laughed. The arrival was around 23:30.  We enjoyed it till the last minute.

Written by Kovács István