The Carnival party which was organised on the 7th of March was a fun opportunity for everyone to show their creativity.

Every participant from different cultures put on a costume and became a new person by creating a new identity. We were able to meet with Jesus in person, the big Hulk from the marvel world accompanied by a unicorn, a pirate, and a lot of other fascinating costumes.

Everyone was able to dance or play different kind of games during this event. The characters were also able to compete with each other and everyone had the chance to vote for the best costume. The winners even got a prize for the effort and time they have put into the preparation of their costumes.

All in all, I can declare that it was a very successful event implemented by the ESN team and the University of Miskolc.
Can’t wait for the next one! 😊

Author: Zsófi Szuromi, our Erasmus mentor

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