On March 3rd, 2022 we had the chance to organize one very special event, the Carnival party which took place at the Rockwell Club.
Everyone was really excited about this event because we couldn’t wait to see what people are going to wear. Already at the beginning it turned out that every student put so much effort into their costumes, we had hippies, good girls disguised as devils, a unicorn, a girl who
represented the Wildwest, Barbie and Ken, Superman and Supergirl and so on. Luckily, many Erasmus, Stipendium and Hungarian students participated in this event therefore when everyone arrived, we played some icebreaker games in teams so we could get to know each other a little bit better. After the games the real party has started. The students volunteered to be the Dj and they put on some really good music people could dance to. The highlight of the evening was the result of the costume competition. We had a winner for the Wildwest costume, one for the funniest costume and Superman and Supergirl won the best mentor costume.
Later the party went on, some stayed until dawn, some went home earlier but what matters is that everyone had an amazing time. Based on the feedbacks, the students have made some unforgettable memories and they just simply can’t wait for the next event we will be organizing for them.

Kitti Seprényi