❗️ Help those who come to our contry ❗️

Sustainable food:
Sugar, Flour, Coffee, Canned food, Pre-packed bakery products, Instant food and everyhing with an expiry date over 1 month

Hygiene products:
Soap, Shower Gel, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Sanitary Pad, Everything a person needs to bathe

Money by Bank Transfer:
OTP Bank

  • (Forint) 11784009-20200745
  • (Euro) 11763842-00168889
  • (Dollar)11763842-00106010


Every call made on the 1350 phone number will donate 250 Forints (~0,65 EUR) (~0,71 USD) to the Maltese Charity Service's program.

You can donate all of the above at:

  • Main entrance (shed on the right)
  • Canteen's dedicated table (near the cash resigester)
  • Faculty of Health Science Building Stefánia (Building B/2 Room 103)