On the 15th of February the team of ESN Miskolc held one of our most popular events of the Spring semester, the Quiz/Game Night. For the location of the event, we chose a well-known and preferred meeting place in the heart of Miskolc, the Égbolt café & bar.
Upon arrival, the Erasmus students received a number grouping them into 6 teams. After everyone got their desired drinks, we opened the night with a Kahoot competition about Hungary, Miskolc as well as the blind maps of European countries. All the students were enjoying themselves burning in the spirit of competing, collaborating with their teammates.
Following the Kahoot contest, the night indeed turned into a game night as we started watching the ongoing football match displayed on the screens of the place. This event was another great opportunity for the international students to get to know each other better and it was also a perfect team-building exercise for the Erasmus mentors.

Niki Szabó