The tour was organised by the two of us, Eszter Polonkai and me, Máté Mátyás. We showed the foreing students around in Miskolc, letting them see the main sights, so that they could visit the city more confidently, either in daylight or at night, as the title of the program refers to it.

At the daytime part the ESN students with Eszter on the lead got to know the most famous streets and places in the city,for example the Avas look-out tower and the Townhall square. She showed them, where to go shopping, she answered the occurent questions and told many intreseting things, fun facts about Miskolc and its main sights.

During the night event I showed the students around in the city. The evening program was a bit more undounded, we tasted all kinds of gastronomic specialities.

20-25 students took part in this program. There was quite a good turnout, and I think both the day and the night tour was a great success.

And last but not least: Both foreing and inland students are wellcome to take part in this event, which is held in every semester. See you next time.