The ESNcards are here!

What is ESNcard?
The ESNcard is the symbol of a new generation of students: mobile and active!

Benefits of ESNcard
At a local level, the ESNcard is a membership card that allows you to get benefits from discounts at shops, bars and travel opportunities. Furthermore, as a member of ESN, you will be updated on our activities. You can always count on our support. Discover our discounts!
With the help of your ESNcard, you will get not only local benefits but international ones as well. After registrating your ESNcard, you will be able to see all the discounts in Europe, you will have the possibility to request various vouchers for special services or competitions. In fact, you can even get discounts for such companies like Flixbus, Ryanair and many more.
More information on the website: 

How can I get my ESNcard?
You can obtain an ESNcard at our ESN office or by contacting us or your mentors. For Erasmus students the card costs 7000 HUF. A photo is required to use on the card. To activate your ESNcard, you have to register it at

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! 😊