For this year's Valentine's day the ESN Miskolc will bring you its very own love story:

"February 2020. It happened exactly on year ago. My first fly to EU and first experience studying abroad.
Suddenly, my Ukrainian friends and I decided to practice a dance in E/6. Once I heard a voice. It was from a guy talking to my Ukrainian friends. They already had known each other. That was Denys, a smiling Ukrainian lad full of happiness, jokes (I didn't like them first honestly) and stories.
Next day accidentally we met again - in Lidl. Surprisingly Denys appeared behind me at cashdesk and then we were walking together until E/4. He was kind helping me to carry my bag. At the end he gifted me a chocolate.
Since that moment we started communicating and walking at university campus at night. There Denys told me "I love you" in my mother tongue! I just smiled and replied "I love you". Replied in one week at Avas Kilátó.
He surprised me many times: with dinner, flowers and romantic candles with shape of the heart at night!
It was a beautiful time but in 3 months I had to finish my Erasmus coming back home... We were in the airport promising to see each other again! And we did. After 2 months I arrived to Ukraine and our next meeting became here in Hungary. The country where everything began.

Our love story is to be continued..."

Alina Mirsaeva and Denys Sokolenko