We had the opportunity to organize one of our popular events, the International dinner on February 8, 2022 which took place in the special room of the E/2 dorm.
This event is always spent in a very good mood, because the foreign students have the opportunity to prepare dishes for other students that are specialties of their own country. Fortunately, many erasmus, stipendium and Hungarian students participated in the gathering. Our guests were also the members of the ESN office, D√≥ra Andr√°sk√≥, √Āgnes Magyar and Gyop√°r K√∂rtesi.
Every country had a separate table, where anyone could taste the delicacies they prepared. Everyone was so enthusiastic about tasting, the food ran out quickly. After that, we gave a special folk dance show to the foreign students,and then together they could try the basic steps of Hungarian folk dance which they enjoyed a lot. Later, we played Just Dance where lots of people participated so we could experience the joy of dancing together. Then, near the end of the evening everyone found their own activities. Some danced together, some talked to each other, but as a whole, everyone had a lot of fun.
At the end of the event, some foreign students helped the Hungarian mentors to restore and clean the place.
Based on the feedback from the students, they had a great time during the evening, they enjoyed this event and are looking forward to continuing.

Barbara Barcsik