This Year’s Day n’ Night tour was a bit different than the usual. Because of the weather the day part was held on 03.19. This  date-change had it’s advantage, we had the chance to connect the tour with Eger’s Miskolc trip. We traveled with MVK buses and on foot.

The night part passed without any complication, we shoved Miskolc beautiful night life and we went to the Táncház, where everyone learned Hungarian folk dance and danced all night.

The day part was the first event with our Budy section, ESN Eger.

As the hosts, we showed them Miskolc, and talked about the history of fameous places. We checked the Avas watchtower, the Szinva terrace, the flowerclock, the Deak square and the Avas church with the cemetary, were we had luck and a tour guide showed us around.

After visiting the most famous places in Miskolc, we showed the Eger crew, how to get to the bus stop. They were heading to Tapolca. They offered  us to join them, and some of us continued the trip to Tapolca too.