Our next event is going to be two day trips in our hometown, Miskolc!
[Registration will be available in the ESN Office]

1st day (07 March, Saturday)
📍Meeting point/time: 10:30 E/4 hostel

🏰 We’re going to check out a medieval castle from the 14th century called the Castle of Diósgyőr

Fun fact: this castle used to be the queens’ engagement present in the middle ages

🍕 After our little medieval time travel we’re going to have two slices of pizza and a juice in Pizza, Kávé, Világbéke in the City Center

2nd day (08 March, Sunday)
📍Meeting point/time: 10 am, E/4 hostel

🚂 We'll travel by narrow-gauge railway through the mountains to arrive to our destination, which is...

⛰🏰 ...Lillafüred! The marvellous 20th century building hidden in the mountains now functions as a hotel and a wonderful terrace garden and a lake is situated right next to it.

🥘 We’ll have a delicious lunch on the way back to the University.

Don't forget your bus tickets (4 for Saturday and 6 for Sunday) or bus passes as we need to get to the station of the tiny train, and also return from Lillafüred

07/03/2020 - 10:00 to 08/03/2020 - 18:00
  • Everyone is invited.