At the beginning of the spring semester, on 23rd of September  the XVI. SportDay was held at the University of Miskolc, where the students could put on their running shoes and training clothes to take part in a lot of competitions.

We, the ESN Miskolc decided to participate with the Erasmus students in different sports to show the others how skillful, strong and fast we are. Finally 60 people applied for cooking, and doing sports with us! It was amazing, we could try ourselves in several sports such as volleyball, football, basketball, running and table tennis. Our results were pretty cool. We won a first and a second prize in volleyball and a second prize in badminton. This day was wonderful, the sun was shining all day long. We could participate in all kind of programs. The students had the opportunity to try Zumba out, to sit in a real glider airplane on the ground or just to listen to music from the awesome Red Bull party car.  We knew, that by the end of the day our little sportsmen and women would be hungry, so a few of us got up early in the morning, prepared the kitchen kit and started to cook our most famous traditional Hungarian food, the Gulyás soup. With the help of the beautiful and very neat girls of the ESN we had a delicious lunch together. This soup was cooked open air with Hungarian ingredients and this way the students could try out the real taste of Hungary. After the feast we were just chilling, and had a lot of funny moments together

I’m sure that we are going to take part in the next sportday as well to challenge ourself and spend some quality time together!

Gábor Gyökér